Funeral Services In Bali

Funeral Services In Bali

Funeral Services In Bali – Akasha Lestari Funeral Solutions Since 2014, we have been offering services such as corpse repatriation, mourning, corpse cargo, hearse, funeral home, and cremation. We know how to conduct ourselves appropriately because we are professionally run and experience.

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Why Entrust Akasha Lestari Funeral for Grief Services?

Why Entrust Akasha Lestari Funeral For Grief Services?

Grief Services in Indonesia, Providing an Infinite Grief Ceremony Experience.

  • Services are available in various of Indonesian cities

We are available to assist you across Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Medan.

  • Repatriation of Corpses from Overseas

Repatriation of bodies from abroad to the country. We have funeral homes in Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East, and Oceania.

  • Maximum Service as a Homage

We provide a fast service with VIP hearses with Alphard and Vellfire as a final homage.

  • Affordable Service Fee

Akasha Funeral tries not to be burdensome in this regard. So, the cost will only vary based on the services you select.

  • Professional and Experienced Since 2014

We have experience and professionals who understand the needs of funeral homes, and we have been providing services since 2014.

  • 6. Fast Information as Part of Our Service

Please do not hesitate to call us; we at Akasha Funeral will be alert and prompt to give services, particularly for those of you who are in the region of operation. We are available to serve you at any moment, twenty-four hours a day a week (24/7).

QS. Al-Mulk Verse 2

 اۨلَّ ذِىۡ خَلَقَ الۡمَوۡتَ وَالۡحَیٰوةَ لیَِبۡلوَُكُمۡ ا ُّ یَكُمۡ احَۡسَنُ عَمَلًاؕ وَھُوَ الۡعَزِیۡز الۡغَفوُۡرُۙ 

” Who created death and life, to test you, which of you is better in deeds. And He is the Mighty, the Forgiving.”

“Because if we live, we live for God, and if we die, we die for God. So, whether we live or die, we belong to God.” Roma 14:8

Our Services

Our Services

Akasha Lestari Funeral’s Services Since 2014, we have consistently provided the highest level of grieving services. Akasha Funeral is currently under PT Hyang Akasha Funeralindo. If you require any of the services listed below, please call us right away.

  • Grief Services

Islamic and Christian bereavement packages are available. As a memorial and representative of the family, we continue to deliver the best service possible. This website contains information on each package.

  • Corpse Cargo

This service includes the delivery of the body to any location in Indonesia when administrative procedures such as a death certificate and medical résumé, identification of the body and companion, and a formalin or embalming certificate have been met. We can provide Door-to-Door Cargo Service or Port-to-Port Service as an option.

  • Hearse

A hearse is a mode of transportation used to take the deceased from the funeral home to the cemetery. In this situation, Akasha Funeral offers a variety of vehicles, including the Luxio, APV, Alphard (VIP), and Vellfire (VIP).

  • Funeral Home

We also cater to the complete needs of a funeral home. We will respectfully aid in giving the best possible care for the deceased while also making things easier for the families left behind.

  • Cremation

If you wish to have a funeral or cremation, we can assist you with everything from delivery to ensuring the occasion works smoothly. Please contact us immediately via our hotline for more information on each service.

Service Options

Service Options

We offer various services provided exclusively for your loved ones because only the best should be dedicated for the last time. So, the funeral ceremony with Akasha Lestari will be a beautiful memory we will never forget.


Our handmade caskets are manufactured by local craftsmen and carvers in order to provide superior service. Which manufactures high-quality coffins in terms of design and material.


Transportation to the final resting place of a loved one. A diverse range of hearse fleets according on the criteria you want to present, backed up with the greatest quality fleet.

Standard Hearse

Types of hearses that are commonly utilized consist of the APV and Luxio.

Mobil Jenazah

VIP Hearse

The greatest types of hearses provided include Toyota Alphard, Hyundai H1, and Toyota Vellfire to facilitate the needs of VIP hearses, we provide special packages for VIPs to pay their last respects to their loved ones.

Mobil Jenazah VIP

Funeral Home

A place of interment and release, to offer prayers and a final farewell ceremony.

Funeral Home


Services for cremation or burial. Not only that, but we also provide packages that include urns and ash scattering.

Grief Package

Akasha Lestari Funeral Solutions provides Muslim and Christian bereavement packages. To make it easier for the bereaved family to prepare the best for their loved ones.

Muslim Funeral Package

Christian Grief 

Christian Grief

Akasha Lestari Funeral Solutions

“Limitless services” and “To serve you better”, It implies you have nothing to be concerned about when using Akasha Funeral’s services. It is because we continually strive to improve our services (if something is missing), improve our services (which are good), and are open to criticism and suggestions. We are convinced we can give better grieving services now based on our expertise since 2014.

Customer Service 24/7

Consult with our customer service to ensure that you are ready for the best when the time comes.


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Our Address

Office :

PT. Hyang Akasha Funeralindo

AD Premier Building 9th Floor

TB Simatupang Street No.5 South Jakarta ID 12550

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Funeral Services In Bali Funeral Services In Bali